Welcome to Babaphoto!


Hi, thank you for stopping by. I'm Janice, as a Mummy myself I understand that you are about to enter a very special time in your life. Whether it’s for the first time or for the final time what better way to capture these special moments than with a photo session. I will take beautiful images of your baby or toddler in a comfortable, relaxed environment. A great keepsake of those special memories of your little ones as they grow up :)


I decided to get into baby photography shortly after my son was born. I was looking for some studio quality photographs to cherish those special early memories but was saddened by the extortionate rates that people are charging new parents.


I studied photography and graphic design in South Africa in 1998 and have been working as a designer and photographic retoucher ever since, so figured why not put my skills to good use...


Have a look at my portfolio to see a selection of my work or drop by my page on Facebook.